Richter Construction – Design and Print

Richter Construction Ltd. is a elite residential building firm which features custom building, refurbishment, or an easy little room renovation. They supply you with a price quote, range of work, along with the material specifications required.


Whoever owns the firm arrived to utilize asking an upgraded version of his logo and business cards. No group parameters were provided, so we had free reign to design and update his present branding.


Being a top end company with a background, we couldn’t redesign the layout entirely, but leave a lot of the original design so that clients will realize that it’s precisely the exact same small business. We kept the simple font Times since it preserves a distinguished sense, but by improving the ‘R’ from the Richter title, may provide the total logo a contemporary sense. We retained the colors of the present logo and site, green black and cream. We did, however, introduce a soft green that functioned nicely with the new layout.

Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue – Design and website


Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue is a volunteer managed, non-profit rescue team located in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They not just save Border Collies and Border Collie mixes, but any puppy needing that crosses their path also has been surrendered, either failed or pitched at a pound and permit them to find permanent, loving homes. Hull’s Haven Border Collie Rescue areas dogs with loving foster families, who care for the puppies until they find their forever homes.

To redesign HHBCR’s branding and create advertising strategies that enable prospective adopters to get the dog that matches them. This project is a continuing effort as animal rescue is a lifetime commitment. J&J Styles has contributed their time and experience to the worthy cause.

Strategy & Concept:
The idea of the new appearance was to utilize modern and simple to read colors to the branding. A gentle purple, cream and rusty reddish were released as the key colors. These stood out from other offenses and became the basis of all of the viral and printed substances for the business. Manufactured were: brand new logo, brochure, website, business cards, nurture guide, The Poop Newsletter, facebook portfolio artwork, event posters and much more. Following are a few of the designs which were made for HHBCR.

BS Comedy Players – Website


To design a lively, fun and vibrant site which reflects the group. The website is to market their annual production, sell tickets and goal company — political fans.

Strategy & Concept:
The idea of this BS Comedy site was the usage of distinctive and different website design and attributes. We found a WordPress template that suits this job perfectly. Adding some brightly colored elements like fuschia and chartreuse buttons, buttons and hi-lights bring out the fun and whimsical of the total ambiance. Setting the background picture of a brick wall and hardwood flooring boards, actually made the website unique and custom. A very delighted customer.